luke nichols
C/CSM Luke Nichols

Color Guard is one of the most visible aspects of the JROTC program. Cadets train to move in unison while presenting the flags of the United States, West Virginia, and the battalion. LET 1 cadets have their own team where they  are given the opportunity to carry the colors at smaller events under the supervision of experienced upperclassmen. LET 2, 3, and 4 cadets make up the majority of the advanced Color Guard team, but in some circumstances exceptional LET 1 cadets are invited to join their ranks. This advanced team are requested for events all around the Charleston area, but they are most commonly seen at GW football games.

This is our colorguard team!

We are now accepting Color Guard requests for the school year of 2019. For events please call Sergeant Johnathan Normand at 681-945-8849 or email him at