Do I have to join the military if I join JROTC?

No. JROTC cadets are not under any obligation to serve in the military.

Do I get to wear the uniforms?

Yes. Cadets wear the uniforms once a week on “Uniform Day” for a grade as well as at events such as the military ball, while working football games, JROTC team events, the Patriot Games, etc.

Do I have to pay for uniforms?

No. Uniforms, tailoring, and dry cleaning are provided at no cost to the cadets. However, if the uniform is lost or damaged it will be the cadet’s responsibility to pay for the replacement of that item.

I did not participate in JROTC as a freshman. Can I still join?

Yes! New cadets of all grade levels at GW are welcome to join the program.

I go to or am planning to go to Ben Franklin or Carver. Can I still join?

Yes. If you have an open class period after scheduling your required courses and Ben Franklin or Carver you absolutely can enroll in JROTC.

Are the instructors mean?

No. While their military background and achievements may intimidate you, Major McGee and Sergeant Normand are some of the funniest and nicest teachers you’ll ever have. It’s another story if you get on their bad side, but it is to motivate you to become better.

Is JROTC difficult?

While the curriculum and activities are challenging, they are more fun than difficult. In fact, cadets often spend their off periods in the JROTC classroom or gym to participate in activities or PT.

None of my friends are joining JROTC. Should I still join?

Absolutely. When you join JROTC you are not only joining the program, but what the cadets refer to as the JROTC family. Cadets form a tight bond that lasts for years. Undoubtedly, you will make new friends in the program while being able to keep your old friends.

Will I be able to do JROTC if I’m on a sports team/ have a job/ etc.?

Yes. Many cadets participate in extracurriculars outside of JROTC. If you inform the instructors of your situation, you can be excused from JROTC events that overlap with your other activities. (i.e. football players, band members, and cheerleaders are excused from working the football games)