Dawson Henderson

C/2Lt. Dawson Henderson

What is Raider?

The GWHS JROTC Raider team is a physical competition team that test the mental and physical limits of a cadet with a variety of events that place individuals and teams in situations they have to complete. Many hours are spent after school to train for events such as 1 Rope Bridge, Knots Relay, Obstacle course, Logistics Relay, 5K group run and other events. Cadets are issues ropes and water carrying devices to aid in accomplishing their task. This year we had enough cadets to construct 2 teams. The Raider team finally attained success, with the expertise of previous captains Kelsie Hill and Christian Vasquez, by winning a third place trophy at the Tolsia competition in the 1 Rope Bridge and a 3rd place trophy in the Knowledge test at Lincoln county. Currently the team is in a conditioning phase with current captain Dawson Henderson, and will prepare for team selection for the WV State competition at the end of the year.