C/MAJ Ashley Hairston
C/2LT Ashleigh Hairston

At the beginning of the fall semester, cadets are encouraged to stay after school to train with the Raider Team for the one rope bridge, knot tying relay, obstacle course, logistics relay, 5K group run and other events the team will compete in throughout the year. Every team member is issued ropes and water carrying devices and any other equipment necessary. After a few weeks cadets form their team based on the individual cadets’ strengths and learn how to work as a single unit rather than as a team of individuals.  Throughout the competitive season cadets improve drastically in not only the divisions of competition but also in their teamwork, grace under pressure, decision making, and emotional and physical strength.

This year the team had enough cadets to split into Team A and Team B and made significant improvements which can be seen in the teams success. The team won a third place trophy at the Tolsia competition in the one rope bridge and a 3rd place trophy in the knowledge test at Lincoln County. Currently, the team is in a conditioning phase and will prepare for team selection for the WV State competition at the end of the year.